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UGears Tower Windmill

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  • UGears Tower Windmill
  • UGears Tower Windmill
  • UGears Tower Windmill
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UGears Tower Windmill

The UGears Tower Windmill is an elaborately designed, intricate and well-crafted mechanical model kit, especially suited to the interests of history and literature enthusiasts alike. This vertical windmill-based puzzle speaks to a faraway time and place. Seventeenth- century England is your destination as you explore the wonders of the Tower Windmill, which was inspired by a real mill in Chesterton, England, owned by Sir Edward Peyton, an English landowner and politician. You'll love assembling this masterpiece, and when you see how the parts fit perfectly together, you won't feel a need to tilt at or fight this particular windmill, unlike the man of La Mancha, Don Quixote.

Fashioned in a "Victorian steampunk" style, this Tower Windmill model kit is devised so that a quick turn of the main tower column causes the aerodynamic sails to spin, generating wind. An applied outside wind source can also turn the sails to provide not only long-lasting entertainment but also a unique insight and discussion of the inner workings of an actual windmill. You can remove the rubber-band motor that powers the model to closely observe the mechanics when the windmill is rotated manually. The mechanism is based on a double planetary gear configuration. In such an arrangement, gears are mounted so they revolve around the center of another gear through the use of a carrier. In this complex arrangement, gear motion propels the sails to move. Due to the open architectural design of the main column, you can see the various gears connecting and working together to translate the rotation of the tower to that of the sails. The UGears Tower Windmill enriches learning as well as generating enjoyment.

The model kit includes two mounted figurines that are inspired by the characters from Miguel de Cervantes' classic novel, "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha." Don Quixote is armed with a joust on a mounted steed, while his faithful servant Sancho rides a donkey. Once the mechanical windmill is complete, let your imagination run free by reenacting scenes from the novel or creating your own new adventure.

Each model kit is made of eco-friendly, sustainable, high-grade wood. You can rest assured that you're buying a responsibly-sourced product that is friendly to the environment and safe for use. This set includes over 500 finely detailed and laser-cut wood pieces that fit together precisely, ensuring proper construction and smooth mechanical operation. Requiring no glue or special tools, each kit contains everything needed to put the windmill together, including complete instructions in a colorful, easy-to-read, step-by-step guide. Duplicate pieces are also included in the kit for your use. The UGears Tower Windmill mechanical model will bring hours of entertainment for history buffs, literature lovers, mechanics aficionados, do-it-yourself enthusiasts and modeling fans. Keep yourself entertained and engrossed, building and spinning this sophisticated and enchanting mechanical wonder.

Model Size: 13.8 x 19.1 x 8.7 in
Number of parts: 585
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 15 hours
Recommended Age: 14+


Do I need to cut parts out of the boards?

No, details are already pre-cut and you should just press them out of the board. They are connected with small crosspieces. If you have some difficulties to remove a detail, just cut a crossbar with a knife.

What are your advice on the assembly?

In order to avoid furrows, you should press the detail out from the side, where pattern of lines is thicker. We recommend to check all elements, especially gears, for the absence of burrs on the teeth. If you can not connect some details, to put a cap, for example, lubricate it with wax of any ordinary candles.

Is it possible to paint the model?

Yes, you can paint it. We recommend to use watercolor. You can use acrylic paints, but a thick layer can interfere with gears working.

What do I need to assemble a model? Tools?

Everything you need for the assembly comes in the package. There are wooden axis (standard toothpick 65 * 2 mm) in each set. Depending on the specific model, rubber bands, fishing line, or stickers will also be provided.

Extra toothpicks are available at any grocery store.

Tools recommended for the assembly: office knife, ordinary candle (i.e. tea candle), fine sand paper or file.

What to do if it's difficult to install a plug on the frame or an axle?

The plug or the axle will be much easier to install if you grease the parts with an ordinary candle. If you can't install the axle, it is recommended to disassemble the construction and grease the internal parts of a gear with a candle wax. Also, you can try different toothpicks as they also vary in thickness and sizes. Do not use too much force as there's a risk of breaking the toothpick.

Can children collect your models?

We definitely can say that a child of 14 years old can assemble our models. Sometimes parents' help will be needed. Our mission - is to unite children and their parents.


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