$99 Orders Ship FREE!

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $99 and up!

It's easy to get free shipping... just add $99 or more in products to your cart, and if you live anywhere in the continental U.S., we'll pay the shipping!

Free Shipping FAQs

So as long as I spend at least $99, you'll ship anything on your site for free?
Pretty much all our products qualify for free shipping, though the occasional heavy or oversized item might be excluded. (Actually, we're just saying that to cover our bases, because at the time of this writing, yeah, every product on our site qualifies for free shipping once you spend $99. But who knows, maybe we'll start selling pianos, and then we'd probably have to charge to ship those.)

How do you send free shipping orders?
Normally free shipping orders ship via UPS Ground, Priority or First Class Mail, or pack mule. Just kidding about that last one. We'd miss our mule if he was out delivering orders all the time.

How soon can I expect my free shipping order?
Most orders arrive in just 2-3 business days, though depending on how far you live from Michigan, it can occasionally take a week.

What if I need my order sooner?
In-state free shipping orders arrive overnight on occasion, so we recommend moving to Michigan (plus we love it here), but if that's not convenient, you can still choose a faster shipping method for the cost listed next to it at checkout. Far be it from us to force you to accept our generous offer of free shipping.

What's the fine print?
There isn't any, really. Spend $99. Ship free within the continental U.S. That's it. But for those of you who insist, here is some fine print for you. You're welcome.