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The aim is to reach the other end first. The problem is that your opponent puts up fences to slow you down! Not to worry, there's always a way out. But who will find the shortest route?

Players take turns moving their piece one space or placing a wall to hinder their opponent's progress or aid their own. Easy to learn, but has lots of opportunity to develop good strategy! 2-4 players. Ages 6 and up.

Includes one board, 20 wooden fences, 4 wooden pawns, and rules.

Mensa Select Top 5 Best Games 1997- USA
Games Magazine Game of the Year 1997 -USA
Best Bet of the Toy Testing Council 1997 - CANADA
Prix d'Excellence des Consommateurs-Consumer's Toy Award 1997 - Quebec, CANADA
Spelgut 1997- Germany
Grand Prix du Jouet 1997 -FRANCE
Games Magazine "Games 100 Selection" 1998 - USA
Games Magazine "Best Games" - USA

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