Calico Critters Starry Point Lighthouse

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  • Inside the lighthouse
  • Outside the lighthouse
  • Parts included with the lighthouse
  • Lights glowing from the lighthouse

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Take your calico critters on an adventure to the Starry Point Lighthouse! Just like the light of a real lighthouse, the Starry Point Lighthouse lights up as well, just take off the top of the lighthouse and stars will appear on your ceiling. You can even change the pattern of the stars by putting in different slides! Let your critters cook in the sea and sleep in the sky, with the two levels of the lighthouse decorated to match the sea and sky. Combine the lighthouse with the Red Roof Cozy Cottage to make a bigger house for your critters (sold separately). This set includes 25 parts, including: kitchen, seashell sofa, boat bed, and whale-shaped table. There is so much fun for the critters to have in the Starry Point Lighthouse!

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