Zox Wristband - The One You Feed

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  • Zox Wristband - The One You Feed
  • Zox Wristband - The One You Feed
  • Zox Wristband - The One You Feed
  • Zox Wristband - The One You Feed
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Zox Wristband - The One You Feed

This encouraging wristband includes a positive message on both the bracelet and a numbered collectible card. The bracelet also has the same number, and is reversible so you can choose the design that fits your mood that day.

The soft, stretchy elastic wristband is made from recycled water bottles, and every purchase helps provide clean drinking water to families in need. This motivational bracelet and card set gives you so many ways to feel good about yourself!


When I first heard the story of the old Cherokee tale of two wolves, I loved it. This idea that at all times, there are two forces (wolves) in our lives who are fighting for control of our mind. One is evil, focusing on anger, envy, greed, jealousy and so on. The other is good - it's joy, peace, kindness and empathy.

The story goes that the boy asked his grandfather, who told him of the two wolves, which one wins. The answer is the name of this beautiful Strap: The one you feed.

This is a powerful reminder that our thoughts control everything we do - we become more like the feelings we feed each day. Focus on the bad and things are going to get worse - focus on the positive and they'll get better. Our mind is our most powerful tool that works off of what it's given - my hope for you, with this Strap, is that it'll remind you of exactly that. Good input = good outcome.

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