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  • VENN Game
  • VENN Game
  • VENN Game
  • VENN Game
  • VENN Game
  • VENN Game
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VENN is a clever game where clues and art overlap! Race to find three secret words based on where a Clue Giver arranges unique Art Cards onto color circles. Set a timer or outguess the others to find the similarities, come to the right conclusions, and win! Go head-to-head as teams or work together through cooperative gameplay in this hands-on communication game that mixes friendly competition and fun.

Based on the popular and familiar Venn diagram, which uses overlapping circles to visually illustrate similarities and differences between two concepts, VENN provides a distinct and eager-to-replay game experience for players of all ages. Teams can go head-to-head or work together as the race begins to find three secret words based on where the clue giver arranges their art cards on the brightly colored Venn diagram circles. The team or player who is first to decipher the art cards and guess correctly, wins!

  • 6 VENN Circles
  • 100 Double-sided Art Cards
  • 50 Double-sided Word Cards
  • 100 Number Cards
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 2 Team Scoring Markers
  • 2 Number Card Holders
  • Rules

Fun for ages 10 and up. 2 or more players. Games last about 20-30 minutes.

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