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The No Button

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  • The No Button - just some of the ways it can say NO
  • The No Button

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NO! The button is perfect for all those times you need to say no. With ten different NO versions, you will get your point across!

The no! button answers many questions for children such as:

‘We found a cute dog, can we keep it?'

‘Can I have another bowl of ice cream?’

‘Can I stay up late?’

‘Can I start dating?’

‘Would you please buy me a pony?’

'Can I have a motorcycle?’

‘Can I have some money?’

Great moments in history that needed the NO Button:

- Abe, do you want to catch a show tonight? I hear that there’s a good show playing at the Ford Theater.

- I know, let’s tell them to eat cake....

- General Custer- I think that we can take Little Big Horn.

- Anne Boleyn, will you marry me?

- Hey, Bill, there’s this really cute chick who wants to apply as an intern, whaddya think?

- We’ll trade you some shiny beads for the island of Manhattan...

- There are some half price tickets on the Titanic. We should snap them up before they sell out.

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