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Simple Flyer Kite - Rainbow Vortex

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  • Simple Flyer Kite - Rainbow Vortex
  • Simple Flyer Kite - Rainbow Vortex

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Simple Flyer Kite - Rainbow Vortex

What better way to spend a warm, breezy day than out flying a kite?

Flying tips:
Find an open spot without trees or buildings nearby. These can make the wind turbulent and the kite unstable.
If you're having trouble launching, have someone take the kite and walk it far downwind (so the wind is blowing on your back as you face the kite) while you let out the line. When you pull the line, the kite should rise quickly into more stable air than is near the ground.
To increase the life of your line, don't wind the kite in directly from the sky. This stores the line under tension and weakens it. Instead, wind it in as someone else pulls the kite down so the line isn't wound super tight.
For fast winding, upgrade your line to a spool. Hold one end of the spool in your dominant hand and the line in the opposite hand. Rest the other end of the spool in the elbow of the hand that's holding the line. Spin the spool with your dominant hand while your other hand guides the line and you'll have it wound up in no time!
Double check that you have all your rods before leaving the flying area.

  • 47 inches wide and 30 inches tall plus tail
  • Sail: Ripstop polyester
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Flies well in wind from 4 - 24mph
  • Includes 80ft of line on a handle
  • Fun for ages 5 and up.
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