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Secret Identity game

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  • Secret Identity game
  • Secret Identity game
  • Secret Identity game
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Secret Identity game

In SECRET IDENTITY, you must guess the hidden identity of your opponents while trying to make them guess yours. Represent your character to the best of your ability by using your Picto cards, but remember that each round you will all have a new identity and your Picto cards will dwindle... Will you be able to act both as a skilled informant and a sharp observer?

1. Make people guess your character and try to to guess theirs!
2. The Picto cards allow you to share valuable clues about your character. Use them wisely!
3. Secretly vote for the other players' characters and get more points than your opponents to win the game!

Contents: 8 personal safes, 64 Voting keys (8 per player), 8 Mystery keys, 1 main board, 90 Picto double-faced cards, 150 Character double-faced cards, 8 markers, 8 scoring tokens.

Fun for ages 14 and up.
For 3 - 8 players
Game lasts about 30 minutes

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