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Prism Synapse 200 Kite

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  • Prism Synapse 200 Kite
  • Prism Synapse 200 Kite
  • Prism Synapse 200 Kite
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Prism Synapse 200 Kite

With any kite, the bigger the wing the more you’ll feel the power of the wind. The 200 is the biggest of the three Synapses and when the wind comes up it’s got enough pull to give you a workout! When the breeze is light that extra sail area will keep it aloft when smaller kites are struggling.

The larger wing also makes it a little slower in flight. So you get more time to react and more feedback through the lines, especially in lighter winds when you need extra sensitivity to feel the controls.

Comes ready to fly with no assembly required. Includes ultra low-stretch Dyneema flying lines, flight straps and line winder in a compact drawstring pouch.

Fun for ages 14 and up.

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