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Popcorn Delivery Trike

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  • Popcorn Delivery Trike
  • Popcorn Delivery Trike
  • Popcorn Delivery Trike
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Popcorn Delivery Trike

Barbara sells popcorn from a special bike and the children get excited every time she arrives! The smell of the butter! The sound of the popcorn popping! And it tastes so good! The children were looking forward to her tasty treats so much that they start eating it right then and there. Its a good thing the popcorn is in a nice sturdy box. Save some for later, children!

Set includes Barbara Sheep Mother, tricycle with rotating wheels, popcorn maker with 6 popcorn kernels, 2 blue popcorn cups, 2 pink popcorn cups, 2 popcorn buckets, popcorn scoop, display shelves, two muffins, and three lollipops! Turn the knob on the popcorn maker and watch the kernels pop!

Fun for ages 3 and up.

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