Pancake Pile-Up Relay Game

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Order up! It’s a busy day at the diner, so don’t dilly-dally. Help your customers get just what they ordered by racing the other servers to the grill, and piling up pancakes in the right order in this stack ‘em high, serve ‘em up, relay race game! 

How to play:

  • Turn over a card
  • Players scramble to find the first pancake
  • Players race to their plates, pancakes on spatulas, to tack them. Then run back, handing the spatula to the next player - relay race style.
  • The first to correctly complete the stack of pancakes and top it with a pat of butter wins.

What they learn:

  • Develops gross motor skills, balance, and coordination
  • Teaches following a sequence, a beginning math skill
  • Encourages social skills from teamwork to being a good sport
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