Novelmore - Medieval Jousting Area

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  • Novelmore - Medieval Jousting Area
  • Novelmore - Medieval Jousting Area
  • Novelmore - Medieval Jousting Area
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Novelmore - Medieval Jousting Area

On the training ground, Novelmore knight Francis Forthwind prepares for the great jousting tournament with horse and lance.

Novelmore knight Francis Forthwind also wants to be well-prepared for the great tournament of the Guardian. For this reason, he diligently trains with horse and lance on the training ground. With his lance outstretched, he rides towards the fence and skillfully knocks down the barrel. With so much training, Francis will be hard to beat. With creative play and defense features, a mystical storyline, and exciting characters, the great Novelmore Knight World provides the material for action-packed heroic tales.

  • 36-piece knight toy with a PLAYMOBIL figure, a horse, flag pole, flags, barrels, lance and other extras for great knight play fun.
  • The two barrels and the target on the flagpole can be knocked over with the lance

Includes: Figures: 1 Novelmore knight (Francis Forthwind); Animals: 1 horse; Accessories: 1 large barrel, 2 small barrels, 1 flagpole, 2 flags, 1 target, 1 fence element, 2 grass areas, 2 fence attachments for barrels, 1 torch holder, 1 torch, 1 Novelmore shield, 1 lance, 1 helmet with helmet attachment, 1 breastplate, 1 saddle for horse, 1 armor for horse head, 1 pair of gloves

Fun for ages 4 and up.

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