My First Math Dice Game

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  • My First Math Dice Game
  • My First Math Dice Game
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My First Math Dice Game

Turns Simple Math Into A Fun Game

Chunky dice and colorful counter chips help build pre-Kindergarten math confidence. Play is quick and teaches number sense and focus.

Three fun games:

  • Number Match reinforces counting and identifying groups: Organize the chips into groups of 1 through 5. Roll the dice and take the pile with that many chips. Roll a star and take any pile. The first player to collect all their piles wins!
  • More Than, Less Than demonstrates number values and relationships: Each player rolls a die, and the larger number takes that number of chips. Roll the same number and both players take chips. When the chips run out, the player with the most chips wins!
  • Add 'em Up! introduces simple addition: Players take turns rolling both dice and taking the number of chips on each die. They must then add these two numbers and say the total. When the chips run out, the player with the most chips wins!

Helps with Learning:

  • One-to-one correspondence (object corresponds with number)
  • More than/less than
  • Recognition of numerals 0-5
  • Addition up to 10
  • The last number in a set = total number (Cardinality)
  • Identifying quantities of objects without counting (Subitization)
  • Love of math

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk About Measurement. Throughout play compare the towers to see which one is holding more chips. Use words such as taller, shorter, bigger, smaller, more than and less than.
  • Count Your Chips. Even if you can visually tell who won a game don't miss an opportunity for counting! Counting is great practice for little ones. Place chips on your tower or in a stack as you count. Then figure out how many more chips the winner has.
  • Teach Zero. To help your child grasp the concept of zero try this: Write the numbers zero through five on pieces of paper. Help your child to put the numbers in a line from smallest to biggest. Now place the appropriate number of chips on top of each paper. Zero of course won't hold any chips.


  • 30 Counter Chips
  • 2 Dice
  • 2 Chip Towers
  • Instruction Guide
  • Game-Go Bag

For 2 players.
Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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