Mad Matt-r 10oz Red

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Is it a dough? Or is it sand? Mad Mattr is a compound of its own! This super mold-able, yet soft material lets you build with it when compacted, but turns incredibly soft and falls apart when stretched! Almost like moon sand, but much less messy and much more fun! Whether you're looking for something to keep your hands busy or to craft with, Mad Matt-r is the choice for you! 

This 10oz bag of Matt-r should be more than enough to keep you and a friend busy. However, those interested in building with Mad Matt-r should click here to see the Brick Maker set which is complete with a brick mold. Together with the mold and Mad Matt-r, craft bricks of the compound to create endless designs and buildings! See the video below for more info. 

A great gift for anyone 3+.

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