Logiblocs Smart Circuits

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  • Logiblocs Smart Circuits
  • Logiblocs Smart Circuits

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The fun projects you can do with this smart circuits kit are unlimited! 

Make a rain detector, banana bleeper, chocolate guard, or even a bank bleeper. 

Logiblocs is a new kind of STEAM toy that helps you understand technology and how it can interact with everyday objects around you. 


  • Circuit bloc (input bloc) - the input which triggers the system
  • Power base (connection bloc) - connection that sends the signal
  • Not bloc (logic bloc) - "Thinks" and makes sure everything happens correctly
  • Bleeper (output bloc) - Output that "talks" to the outside world
  • 8 page booklet with 10 project ideas and application pages inside!

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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