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Husky Family

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  • Husky Family
  • Husky Family
  • Husky Family
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Husky Family

Mother Avril knows how to put her mind to something, and she's very good with her hands. She's an engineer who builds the cars her husband designs. She has a wonderful workshop, where she carefully builds every car so that it's just right to drive and ride in. Avril doesn't like the cold, so she always wears a soft, warm cape in winter.

Father Vincent is a car designer and he's very good at it. He's always coming up with cool ideas that everyone loves. He even designed sleds and bikes for the children. He's good frineds with John Hazelnut Chipmunk, who's an inventor.

Rae, one of the girl triplets, is always cheerful and hardly ever cries. Her sister Nelly is always on the go. Everything she sees is exciting to her. If there's a noise while she's sleeping, she wakes right up to see what's going on. Their brother Drake gets scared easily. He feels very nervous when he rides in the front of the sled.

  • The Husky Family set contains five figures: father Vincent, mother Avril, and triplets Rae, Drake, and Nelly, as well as a sleigh for the triplets. The figures have beautiful gray and brown fur.
  • The adorable triplets are wearing matching hooded outfits. The triplets can ride in the sleigh.
  • This set includes figures and accessories and can be played with on its own.
  • The mother and father can hold the sleigh handle.
  • The figures' arms, legs and heads can be moved to put them in different poses. The fabric clothing can be removed to change their outfits.
  • Stimulates imaginative role-playing for children.

For ages 3 and up.

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