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How Do You Doodle?

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  • How Do You Doodle?
  • How Do You Doodle?
  • How Do You Doodle?
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How Do You Doodle?

Can you draw pants? Of course you can. But what if some players are drawing jeans, while others are drawing trousers. Will your drawing communicate the difference? So we ask again... can you draw pants?

Players are assigned a random number and must draw the corresponding item that is labeled on the clue card. Then they must guess which on everyone else has drawn. Points are awarded for both guessing correctly and communicating clearly

Includes: 9 number tokens, 63 guessing tokens, 137 topic cards, 7 scoring reference cards, doodle pad, 7 pencils, 30 second sand-timer, and instructions.

For 3-7 players.

Fun for ages 12 and up.

Game lasts about 30 minutes.

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