Hive Mind

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  • Hive Mind
  • Hive Mind
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The game of beeing alike! Players will take on the role of worker bees and must compete to prove their compatibility within the hive. Only those who think alike will be allowed to stay in the hive! Players will take turns as the Queen Bee and ask questions, you will all write down your answers trying to think similarly to the rest of the hive. The more answers in common with the other players the more points you will get! Those who score the lowest points in the round must move a level closer to the exit. The game ends when one or more worker bees are kicked out of the hive!

Contents: 300 question cards, game board, 1 queen bee token, 12 bee pawns, hive gates, 12 pencils,1 notepad, 1 six-sided die, 1 two-minute sand timer, game rules

Ages 8 and up

3-12 players

30-90 minute game play


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