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EXIT: The Gate Between Worlds

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  • EXIT: The Gate Between Worlds
  • EXIT: The Gate Between Worlds
  • EXIT: The Gate Between Worlds
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EXIT: The Gate Between Worlds

Can you solve the riddles and find your way through the worlds and back home?

You have followed an ancient map to a hidden cave which purportedly contains some kind of mysterious gate. Inside the cave, you find a large metal circle made of concentric rings embedded in the rock wall. You approach the gate hesitantly and touch it. To your astonishment, the metal rings can be rotated. Suddenly, everything goes dark around you. When you regain consciousness some time later, you are no longer in the cave, but in a bizarre new world. Where are you? And how are you supposed to find your way back to the world you know? Only by working together as a team, solving riddles as you travel from world to world, will you be able to make it home safely.

Your goal is to uncover the secret of the gate between worlds as quickly as you can. That would definitely be easier if every world were not occupied with a riddle. As soon as the game begins, you are allowed to look at the decoder disk. As the game continues, you will keep finding objects that are locked with a three-digit or color code. To open them, you will have to find the proper code and enter it on the decoder disk.

Ages: 12 and up
Number of Players: 1 to 4
Length of Play: 1 to 2 hours
Difficulty level: 3 of 5

1 decoder disk
2 display feet
61 cards
10 strange items
8 posters
1 rulebook

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