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Double Double Dominoes

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  • Double Double Dominoes
  • Double Double Dominoes
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Double Double Dominoes

Welcome to a wildly fast and fun new approach to dominoes. Score points by matching dominoes on top of key spaces on the board or better yet, play a Double Double Domino and double your score! Be careful what you choose, because the domino you play may actually score points for others! Get ready to outrun your opponents in this simply addicting spin on a classic game.

Players take turns placing dominoes on the board, trying to place their dominoes on the squares that will score the most points—double dominoes score double points! Meanwhile, they need to keep an eye on the dominoes their opponents are playing, because dominoes played by opponents might score them bonus points. The first player to reach the point goal wins!

Gather 3-12 friends and family, then choose and ask Hive Mind questions everyone might answer the same, because thinking differently might send you right off the board!


  • Fun, Fast, and Exciting: Players race around the score track, always looking for opportunities to score—even during other players' turns! An average game takes less than 50 minutes to play, making it easy for even the busiest family to fit a game into their day.
  • Familiar Game Design: Double Double Dominoes uses elements from two of the world's most popular tile games in a completely new way, offering players familiar play patterns in a new game.
  • Perfect Balance of Strategy and Luck: Was it a perfectly played domino, a lucky draw, or bonus points from another player's turn? All three can result in victory!


  • 1 game board
  • 56 dominoes
  • 4 score pieces
  • Rules (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian)

For 2 - 4 players
Game lasts about 50 - 60 minutes
Fun for ages 8 to adult



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