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Cycle and Skate Set with Panda

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  • Cycle and Skate Set with Panda
  • Cycle and Skate Set with Panda
  • Cycle and Skate Set with Panda
  • Cycle and Skate Set with Panda
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Cycle and Skate Set with Panda

This ready to play set includes poseable Pookie Panda Girl figure dressed in removeable clothing, along with 11 pieces of sport accessories for a day outdoors!

Rosalina loves sports and she's great at entertaining others. Today, she's out on her bike with her baby sister Angela and her friend Grace Hopscotch Rabbit. She promised Dominic Hazelnut Chipmunk that she'd practice roller skating with him in the village square. She's brought some biscuits and water, but the babies have started eating them all! Leave some for Rosalina and Dominic, won't you?

  • Pookie Panda girl Rosalina in an exclusive outfit, a bicycle and roller skates.
  • This set includes a figure and accessories and can be played with on its own.
  • Connect the bicycle to the cart to take a baby for a ride or carry luggage.
  • The figure can wear both the helmet and the roller skates.
  • The length of the strap on the helmet can be adjusted.
  • The backpack can be opened and closed to hold the included flask.
  • The bag can also be worn by the figure.

Fun for ages 3 and up.

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