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Avatar Ceremonial Bow

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  • Avatar Ceremonial Bow
  • Avatar Ceremonial Bow
  • Avatar Ceremonial Bow
  • Avatar Ceremonial Bow
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Avatar Ceremonial Bow

The officially licensed bow and arrows are a replica of those used in James Cameron's feature film Avatar and are a great accessory for when you want to join the Navi in battle. Makes for hours of archery fun!

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Avatar Ceremonial Bow and 3 Zonic Whistle Arrows
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED ROLE-PLAY: With the Avatar Ceremonial Bow and Arrow set, you will play a role of a heroic navi warrior who protects their homeland, the planetoid Pandora from the human invaders. Makes for hours of fun!
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE BOW: The Ceremonial bow is safe and durable, but it can still launch the arrow over 160ft making this thrilling for kids as well as adults; play together in an archery battle or shoot targets on your own
  • PATENTED LOOP AND LAUNCH TECHNOLOGY: Quickly and easily launch arrows; Just hook arrows on the loops, pull back and release; Works only with Zing's soft and safe arrows so nothing dangerous can be launched
  • POWER BUNGEE CORD: Super durable, low-profile power bungee cords are easy to pull back, providing lots of power and are easy to remove and replace
  • SOFT AND SAFE WHISTLING ARROWS: Zonic arrows have a foam tips, allowing the arrows to bounce back after hitting their target, so battles are exciting as well as safe; The embedded whistle allows you to hear the arrows screaming through the air as they zoom towards your target for an extra dimension to the fun!

Fun for ages 14 and up.

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