7 Wonders - New Edition

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  • 7 Wonders  - New Edition
  • 7 Wonders  - New Edition
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Lead one of the seven greatest cities of Antiquity. 

Develop your civilization's military, science, culture, and economy. Once built, will your wonder bring you glory for millennia to come? 

No down time, renewed fun each game, and perfect balancing no matter the number of players. 

Choose the card that aligns with your strategy, play this card to expand your city, give the remaining cards to your neighbor and receive old ones. Make wise decisions to lead your civilization to prosperity!


  • 7 wonder boards
  • 148 cards
  • 48 conflict tokens
  • 78 coins
  • 1 score pad
  • 3 description of effects sheets
  • 1 list of cards and chains sheet
  • 1 rulebook

Recommended for 3-7 players aged 10 and up.

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