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51'' Holographic Mylar Windsock - Red

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  • 51'' Red WIndsock
  • Holographic windsock - red
  • Holographic windsock - red
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This apple Red holographic mylar wind sock pops with amazing color and fills the air with twinkling red lights and silver flashes. 

No need to retrieve your beautiful holographic Windsock from the tree branch; when the storm is over and the sun comes out- it will untangle itself and dance in the breezes like a waterfall of color and laser light.

• Glittering color attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
• Keep birds from bothering your garden or flying into your windows
• Great party and event decorations
• Mark your spot at the beach by hanging one from your chair
• Keep pigeons and nautical birds away from your boat
• Detour the wood peckers from your attic 
• Beautiful way to tell which way the wind is blowing

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