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Sweets Kendamas


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As one of the first American kendama companies, Sweets is the only company to design and paint its own brand of kendamas in the USA. This allows them to design and research new finishes that continually set the bar for the industry’s highest standards.

Sweets is composed of individuals who, while having a variety of experience and expertise, all share the commonalities of being kendama fans and players. They hold the belief that their best kendamas are yet to come. We keep the company focused on what kendama players want in a kendama while offering kendamas at entry-level and higher-end price points.

To Sweets, kendama is about never giving up, and learning that practice makes the impossible become not only feasible, but attainable. Much like martial arts or golf, kendama can never be completely mastered, leaving the possibility open for constant self-improvement. It gives the player a means to increase focus and hand-eye coordination, creating self-confidence and perseverance that can be applied to any other difficult task in life.

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