Shop in Store

MACkite is now open!

Q: Woohoo! So I can just show up and come in?
Yes, IF there are fewer than 10 people in the store. To help our customers and staff maintain safe social distancing, we can allow up to 10 customers in the store at a time. Consider bringing a limited number of people with you since every person (including kids!) counts toward this number and others may be waiting their turn.

Q: Can I get an appointment, like a reservation?
We are no longer scheduling appointments, but feel free to call ahead at 616-846-7501 and we can let you know if it's been busy or if you're likely to be able to walk right in.

Q: How long can I shop in the store?
You can shop as long as you need, but remember that others may be waiting to enter.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?
Yes, the State currently requires that customers and employees wear a mask when in a public indoor space. Now that more places are opening and people are going out and about, it's more important than ever to take all the precautions available to us so we don't end up back in quarantine.

Q: What if I'm not concerned about getting sick? Do I really have to wear a mask if I accept the risk?
Masks are not to protect the wearer, but to protect others. We do have an immunocompromised staff member, so we aren't able to bend this rule. If you don't own a mask, no problem! We have a supply of new masks and will give you one for free as you enter.

Q: Can I or my kids try out games/toys?
Not right now, unfortunately. To help prevent the spread of any potential germs, we've put away our demo products and we also ask that merchandise be untouched until it is purchased. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions about a product.

Q: Can I still order online and get curbside pickup?
Yes, curbside pickup is still available and encouraged. Call us at 616-846-7501 or shop online to take advantage of this safe, convenient option.

Thank you for bearing with us during this unusual time! We truly appreciate your support as you shop local!