Learn 2 Ride Kiteboarding Kite Package

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  • 2013 Learn 2 Ride Kiteboarding Package
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  • 2014 Liquid Force Edge kiteboard
  • 2014 Liquid Force Supreme Vest
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Learn to Ride Kiteboarding Package

Everything in this package comes complete. 

The aim of the Learn 2 Ride package is to provide everything you need to get out on the water and ride, with the gear being beginner friendly and affordable. With this latest pairing, we have added the 2013 Liquid Force Envy kite. Over the years, Liquid Force has refined to Envy kite to deliver a stable, fast, easy-to-use kite that will appeal to beginner, intermediate, and advanced kiteboarders alike. The Envy begins on the beach, as you inflate your kite faster than everyone around with the Max Flow inflation system, and continues through the rest of your session, progression fueled through easy relaunch, predictable depower, fast turning, and explosive pop. Versatility comes standard with the 2013 Liquid Force Envy, the kite excelling in freeride, surf, freestyle, and wakestyle disciplines.

We crafted this package to not only give the new kiter the tools for success, but gear that will allow them to continue to progress well after that first year. Even better, if you want the best deal in the kiteboarding industry, you won’t find a better price, especially for the quality of the gear.

Liquid Force Envy Kite

The Envy is an all-terrain efficiency engine, offering highly versatile, easy-access performance whether you want to shred the surf, lock into boots for wakestyle, or go high-speed blasting around your local slick. Envy no one.

Key Features:

3-Strut Platform - The first proven 3-strut kite design on the market, ENVY is stable, had a high-wind range, and lightweight due to reduced material in the 3-strut design. The lightest kite we have, and one of the lightest kites on the market today.

Stable Flight - The Envy is the perfect choice for schools or beginner kiters because of it’s uncanny ability to stay in the sky – it’s a forgiving kite that lets kiters make mistakes without consequences in the air or on the board.

Lightning Fast Turning - While the incredible lightweight and Ultra Stable Bridle System keep the ENVY stable, the delta hybrid design means it can turn as quickly as any kite on the market. The ENVY is a pivoting kite that turns on it’s wingtips.


Kiteboard Options

2014 Liquid Force Edge

Liquid Force Edge

The Liquid Force Edge kiteboard is the easiest way to get started riding. Whether getting up for your first time or performing your first jump, the Edge kiteboard is sure to help you. With a bottom designed for easily cutting through the chop and almost effortless upwind cruising, the Liquid Force Edge allows you to progress every session. With medium rocker and stiff flex, this kiteboard will transition you from beginner to intermediate rider in no time.

Sizes: 136 x 42.5cm, 146 x 45cm



best-spark-plug.jpg2014 Best Spark Plug

The Best Spark Plug Prime is a must for the progression-minded kiteboarder who wants a board that will last for years to come, both in terms of construction and performance. Low continous rocker coupled with a light and durable construction make for an outstanding kiteboard. 

Size: 136 x 41cm, 142 x 42cm



2014 Liquid Force Overdrive Kiteboard2014 Liquid Force Overdrive

The 2014 Liquid Force Over Drive is a light wind kiteboard with heaps of performance. It is also a stellar option for heavier riders looking for some extra oomph. The flat rocker and extra width make for a board that is exceedingly easy to get started on, and stay on in lighter conditions as you continue to progress.  

Sizes: 148 x 45.5cm



2014 Harness Options

Extra small sizes are available upon request.

2014 Dakine Chameleon Waist/Seat Hybrid HarnessDakine Chameleon Waist/Seat Harness

Dakine has really knocked it out of the park with their new hybrid waist/seat harness. If you are new to the sport of kiteboarding and are not sure if you want a waist harness or seat harness, the Chameleon is for you. 

S - 30-32" [ 76-81cm ] 
M - 32-34" [ 81-86cm ] 
L - 34-36" [ 86-91cm ] 
XL - 36-38" [ 91-96cm ] 



2014 Dakine Renegade Harness

Dakine Renegade Waist Harness

Most package deals you find out there come with a basic harness, something completey functional, yet lacking the sophistication of more high-end models. The Renegade is an uncompromsing premium harness that promises and delivers both comfort and longevity. The Dakine Renegade is a must for those who are planning on spending serious time on the water, and want something that will last for years to come. 

Sizing consistent with above measurements.



Flotation Vest


The NPX Immortal is a high-performance vest that will keep you lookin' stylish, feeling agile, and most importantly, alive. This vest is cut to fit with a harness, and the buoyancy foam is so comfortable you're likely to forgot you're even wearing it. The Immortal Vest is also CE approved. 

35-40" chest size

39-44" chest size

42-48" chest size

46-54" chest size


Select your kite size, kiteboard, harness, and remember to indicate what color you want in the colors below. Made all of your choices? Good - it looks like you're just about ready to hit the water. Congratulations on your new gear, and welcome to the sport. We can almost guarantee it is going to change your life.



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